Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 - Scott Barley, Eternal Gloaming


Some filmmakers innovate; whilst others iterate. Some, such as Scott Barley—a young filmmaker who has spent several years making slow, concentrated landscape films on his mobile phone—manage to do both of these things; repeating and refining, reinventing when necessary. “In a way, I am making the same film over again,” says Barley, asked about the consistency of the aesthetic of the films he has been making and posting online since 2012. “You build a house, brick by brick, and then once the house is built, it is done. Then you bulldoze that house, and build it again from those pieces, but the bricks are cemented in a different order, the windows and doorways are in different places, and the rooms lead to different rooms.”

Full profile on Scott Barley online at Sight & Sound

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