London Korean Film Festival 2017 - No Money, No Future!

"In any other year, South Korean artist and filmmaker Jung Yoon-suk’s films could not have screened at the London Korean Film Festival, noted curator Tony Rayns as he introduced Jung’s films at the festival. Under the previous government, led by the now-imprisoned Park Geun-hye, Jung’s work—licentious and overtly political, even if the director wouldn’t describe it as such—would not have met the standards of that government’s officiators, whose notorious blacklist was alleged to contain nearly 10,000 names of artists whose work was deemed unfit for the state-controlled funding programs. It’s not clear how much influence that same government held over the activities of the UK’s Korean Cultural Centre—organizers of the always interesting, if usually more restrained, London Korean Film Festival—but the appearance of Jung’s work in this year’s edition suggests any such sway may have now seceded. Jung Yoon-suk, speaking at his screening, said the blacklist didn’t matter to him as he wasn’t going to be getting any funding anyway. He was, however, annoyed to not find himself on the list regardless. “All my good friends are on there.”

Full article on Jung Yoon-suk's Non Fiction Diary and Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno on MUBI]

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