Locarno Festival 2017 - Unorthodocs

"Last August, three of the most impressive, innovative documentaries of the year, Eduardo Williams’ The Human Surge, Nele Wohlatz’ El Futuro Perfecto and Theo Anthony’s Rat Film, premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. With an even greater focus on nonfiction film for their 70th edition, it’s possible, and perhaps worthwhile to navigate the festival through these offerings alone, particularly if in search of something unexpected. Though this year’s documentaries may not have offered the same sense of excitement as with previous years, new films from familiar nonfiction filmmakers delivered on expectations, whilst a few new names provided a pleasing element of surprise."

Full article on Denis Cote's A Skin So Soft, Rana Eid's Panoptic, Travis Wilkerson's Did You Wonder Who Fired The Gun?, Blake Williams' Prototype, Gürcan Keltek’s Meteorlar, Ben Russell's Good Luck and Wang Bing's Mrs Fang on The Brooklyn Rail

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