Frames of Representation 2018 - The Human Epoch

"Frames of Representation’s founding mission was to bring “new forms of documentary cinema” to London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, but this mandate felt a little looser for the festival’s third edition. The lineup included several fiction films and was generally marked by a readjustment of its doctrine to encompass not just classical documentary but rather the whole “cinema of the real,” broadly understood to mean works that both draw from and interrogate reality beyond the traditional formal parameters of nonfiction filmmaking. The overall theme was “Landscape”—broader than “Working” and “The New Periphery” which came before—but the best of the selection was in fact quite human, featuring work that mirrors the idea of the anthropocene: films about landscape that also reflect that humanity has become the dominant geological influence on the environment."

Full review of Frames of Representation 2018 in the June 2018 issues of the Brooklyn Rail

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