Edge of Frame Weekender 2018 - Cosmogonical Cinema

"Traditional filmmaking has a fundamental limitation. It must start with reality. The images that can be created begin with what can be observed and recorded; filmmakers must use the extant in order to create something new. In animation - irregardless of the tools and techniques being used - no such restriction applies. Animation begins from nothing and can become anything; the only limitations present are those that artists impose upon themselves. As displayed across the films in this Edge of Frame weekender, this offers a distinct, dramatic opportunity to the artists who are bold and resourceful enough to utilise it, the chance to disregard the limitations of this world and fully engage with the imaginative possibilities of another. With pen, brush, finger, tablet, camera, torch, tongue, any tool available, in fact, the artist working with ‘animation’ - a term as evocative (animate, [verb]: to bring to life) as it is inadequate - can visualise the impossible, creating their own spaces or distorting existing ones until they are no longer recognisable."

Full essay in the catalogue for the Edge of Frame Weekend 2018, and reproduced online here.

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